You Laugh But It’s True

trevor-noahDuration:1 hour 23 minutes

South African comedian Trevor Noah uses his experiences as the child of a racially mixed couple during Apartheid–a time when interracial relationships were forbidden–as the lens for his sidesplitting comedy. In this intimate portrait, we meet an anxious Trevor as he is about to step onto the stage for his first ever one-man show.

Trevor faces a multitude of challenges: an underdeveloped comedy scene, criticism from other comics, lingering racial tension, and a shocking family tragedy. They pose a serious threat to the success of the show and to Trevor’s dream of performing on the global stage.

Prodigious, audacious, acerbic, hilarious–there are many words to describe Trevor Noah, and this funny yet insightful documentary from first-time director David Paul Meyer does it best.

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