Road To Juarez: Ruben Garfias / Adal Ramones / William Forsythe

Road To Juarez / Doug, Rob, Mirella and Jacob met locals Manuel and Wife in old farm. Mario Los Angeles bar owner lays the plans with a road map to merchandize.

Movie Scene Cast: Romy Peniche as Mirella / Ruben Garfias as Mario / Sal Lopez as Manuel / William Forsythe as Doug Hermann / Charley Koontz as Rob Hermann / Adal Ramones as Ivan / Pedro Pano as Igor / Joshua / Ponce de Leon as Fito / Hillary Chavarria as Blanca / Yareli Arizmendi as Hortensia / Ruben Garfias as Mario

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An American ex-con with Mexican underworld ties ensnares a pair of young misfits into a dangerous heist in Mexico. Inspired by true events.

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