The Hunted

the-huntedA struggling actor in Hollywood is mistaken for the “Chosen One”, foretold to lead a group of misfit slayers against an army of vampires.

“…does for reluctant vampire slayers what Deadpool did for foul-mouthed mercenaries…” – IMPACT Magazine.

Starring Robert Chapin (Ring of Steel), Monique Ganderton (Guardians of the Galaxy, Hunger Games), Anthony Delongis (Highlander, Fearless), Gary Kasper (Battle Dome) and David Baker (Deadliest Warrior, Forged in Fire).

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Based on the longest running series online, The Hunted is also the first original series based on user content, which means episodes can be shot by virtually anyone anywhere. Join us online at, create your own episode and win $1000.

“A Pioneer in the Latest Action Frontier” – IMPACT Magazine
“A Refreshing Spin on the Vampire Mythos” – Comic Book Bin
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