The Bang Bang Brokers

Stock Brokers and Gang Bangers collide in Donihue’s winning action comedy about a suicidal stock broker who convinces a Latin Gang and a Black Gang to join forces and use street moves to sway a hedge fund.


Release Date: Coming 2015 | Status: Distribution Rights Available
Rating: R RATED for language, drugs, violence

Year: 2015
By: David N. Donihue
Slogan: Insider Trading Is For Pussies
Genre: Action / Comedy
Time: 93 mins
Age: 17

In East Los Angeles, lives Ramon, a 19 year old sweet yet jaded gang member whose innocence is more to blame for his behavior than a bad heart, his dreams of college manifests as a possible reality one night when he and a group of friends share a joint in a back alley. Their mellow night is interrupted by Suicidal Hedge Fund Manager, Eastman Rolley, yelling racial slurs in hopes that they will pull out a gun and put an end to his life.

Ramon however, offers Eastman a deal. Help him rob a rival dealer for his college tuition in exchange for performing the mercy kill. Rolley, a power broker who had many times over made hundreds of millions and given all but ten dollars away, currently at the tale end of his reoccurring psychotic episode, agrees to the armed robbery. The two drive to South LA, where Ramon sends the lanky and awkward broker into the home of coke dealer Marlon Brown. Eastman, stumbling his way through the robbery of Marlon, his daughters, mother and brothers, somehow evades the gunfire and gets away with 1.5 million in cash. With a renewed energy, he convinces Ramon to take the money and flip it on the market.

But before long, Ramon has brought his hilariously thuggish friends into the mix and the gangs start using street moves to sway the hedge fund. And when Marlon and his boys find out Eastman and Ramonʼs whereabouts, they arrive at Goldman Sachs headquarters with guns drawn, looking for their money.

Yet Eastman and Ramon quickly convince Marlon to not only put down the guns, but to buy in. And thatʼs when all hell breaks loose. The formally rival gangs come together with their own ideology.

“For years, the market has been destroying the streets. Itʼs about time for the streets to destroy the market.” They call in bomb threats to competing stocks on key launch days. They drop LSD in ice bins of Ralphs while buying up competing grocery store stocks. They use every prank and trick in the book to destroy their corporate competitors. And they make hundreds of millions. ramon They become like a family. A well oiled machine. Eastman finds acceptance and friendship amongst them. And they find a renewed interest in progression. And ultimately, justice, as they look around them and realize that they are now surround by the same people who systematically destroyed their communities.

And their response – to prank the predatory executives out of existence.

The Bang Bang Brokers is a brutally funny, action packed pop comedy that is so timely, that it not only hurts, it heals.

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Category: Action
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